Post-Wedding Photoshoot at Leela Kovalam, Trivandrum: Capturing Everlasting Love


Congratulations on your recent wedding! As you step into this new chapter of your lives, capturing the magical moments through post-wedding couple shoot photography is a beautiful way to cherish and relive the love-filled memories. And what better place to create stunning visuals than the enchanting paradise of Leela Kovalam? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through a journey of post-wedding couple shoot ideas, highlighting the breathtaking locations and offering tips to make your photo session a resounding success.

Embarking on a post-wedding couple shoot allows you to extend the joy and celebration of your special day. Trivandrum, the enchanting capital city of Kerala, offers a magical backdrop for capturing your love story through post-wedding photography. In this guide, we will explore the beauty of Trivandrum and the exceptional services provided by wedding photographers in the region, ensuring that your post-wedding photography experience becomes a cherished memory.

1. Setting the Stage

Leela Kovalam, nestled on the pristine shores of the Arabian Sea, provides the perfect backdrop for your post-wedding couple shoot. The lush gardens, elegant villas, infinity pools, and the mesmerizing sky bar offer a variety of stunning locations to capture your love story in all its glory.


2. Selecting the Perfect Spot

a) Garden View Villa: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Leela Kovalam’s garden view villa. The vibrant flowers, sprawling lawns, and the serenity of nature will add a touch of romance and tranquility to your photographs.

b) Infinity Pool: Experience sheer bliss as you capture moments near the infinity pool. The crystal-clear waters and the seamless merging of the pool and the Arabian Sea create an ethereal ambiance for your shoot.

c) Sky Bar: Elevate your love story at Leela Kovalam’s sky bar. With breathtaking panoramic views, you’ll be swept away by the enchanting backdrop of the sea and the sky. It’s the perfect spot for capturing intimate moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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3. Posing and Styling Tips

a) Embrace Natural Poses: Rather than forcing awkward poses, allow your genuine emotions and connection to shine through. Candid shots often capture the true essence of your relationship.

b) Outfit Selection: Choose outfits that reflect your personalities and complement the surroundings. Opt for comfortable attire that allows you to move freely and feel confident.

c) Time of Day: Leela Kovalam offers magical lighting throughout the day. Plan your shoot during sunrise or sunset to capture the soft, golden hues that lend a romantic touch to your photographs.


4. Hiring a Professional Photographer

To ensure your post-wedding couple shoot captures the essence of your love, it’s crucial to work with a professional wedding photographer who specializes in capturing candid moments and knows the intricacies of shooting at Leela Kovalam. Research and choose a photographer whose style resonates with your vision.


5. Weather and Backup Plan

As with any outdoor shoot, it’s essential to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Leela Kovalam enjoys a tropical climate, so be prepared for sudden showers. Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, such as indoor locations or rescheduling.


A post-wedding couple shoot at Leela Kovalam is an experience like no other. It allows you to create timeless memories in a breathtaking setting, capturing your love story in its most authentic form. By selecting the perfect locations, embracing natural poses, and working with a skilled photographer, you can create a collection of photographs that will transport you back to those blissful moments time and again. So, embark on this incredible journey, and let Leela Kovalam be the canvas on which your love story unfolds.

Remember, hiring a professional photographer, choosing the right outfits, and injecting personalization will ensure that your post-wedding couple shoot is a true reflection of your unique love and the beginning of your happily ever after.