Capturing the Magic of Weddings at O by Tamara Trivandrum: A Photo Story

Weddings are a time of love, joy, and celebration, and at O by Tamara Trivandrum, we had the pleasure of capturing the magic of one such special day. From charming and playful portraits to unforgettable moments with friends, every photo we took at this beautiful event was filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after.


Love and laughter filled the suite room during another beautiful photo session. This gorgeous couple, surrounded by their best friends, posed for some unforgettable pictures. The natural light coming in from the window added a soft and romantic glow to the scene. We feel privileged to have captured these special moments for them.

Another unforgettable photo from the wedding is of the stunning couple near the restaurant, with an opulent display of Kerala spices as the backdrop. The bottles of spices create a rich and vibrant setting, making this portrait truly unique and unforgettable. The couple’s love shone brightly in every photo, and we’re honored to have been a part of their special day.





As luxury wedding photographers, we’re always on the lookout for stunning venues that provide the perfect backdrop for our couples’ love. O by Tamara Trivandrum was the perfect setting for a gorgeous portrait, with its sophisticated architecture and lush greenery. It was an honor to capture this couple’s love in such a breathtaking location.




One of the most stunning portraits we captured at O by Tamara Trivandrum is of a couple by the poolside during the evening light. The luxurious setting provided the perfect backdrop for their love to shine through. We love capturing the romance and beauty of weddings, and this photo is no exception.


We had the pleasure of capturing another stunning portrait of a couple by the poolside at O by Tamara Trivandrum. The bride’s lavender gown and groom’s navy blue suit were the perfect complement to the beautiful setting. It was an honor to be a part of this special moment.


One of our favorite photos from the day is of the gorgeous couple holding cards that read “I stole his last name” and “I stole her heart”. Their love and affection for each other are evident in every photo, culminating in a beautiful kiss captured for all eternity. We feel privileged to have been a part of their special day and to have captured these moments so beautifully.

In conclusion, O by Tamara Trivandrum is an ideal wedding venue with its beautiful and luxurious setting. It’s been an absolute pleasure to capture the love, laughter, and happily ever after of so many beautiful couples at this venue. We hope to continue to capture these magical moments for many more years to come.

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