Josireny! | A Splendid Christian Wedding in Kerala | Jo and Irene lal jose towards their happily ever after!

Two passionate souls decided to be together for the lifetime. With the blessings of their families and love and support from their all time friends Jo and Irene Lal Jose tied knot this September.

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Jo and Irene.

College sweethearts and longtime buddies. Beloved son and daughter to their respective parents.

Today, they will be pronounced man and wife, before God, family and friends.

Anticipation is in the air and a medley of emotions in everyone close to the bride and the groom.

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Everything has been planned to the tee. Everyone, right from the makeup artist to the caterer, has their work cut out this day as they bring to fruition the most cherished day in the couple’s lives.

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We are here to capture every bit of it, plus the little gems that come by way of fleeting and spontaneous expressions of love, joy and, sometimes, anguish. Those moments are what make a wedding intimately personal.

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It is Irene whom we chance upon first. She is resplendent in bridal finery – beige and gold-striped sari, layered necklaces and maang tikka/netti chutti – and every inch classy, like the ageless beauty in the painting that adorns her room.

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She dutifully tucks in a few spoonfuls of rice to appease her hunger and please her mother who hovers around her attending to every detail. It could be a long day and Irene’s mother certainly doesn’t want her daughter to be running on fumes.

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The family gathers for prayer, and emotions that were in check begin to show through the surface. When they give her their blessings, it is obvious that they come from the deepest recesses of their hearts.

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Irene’s bridesmaids swarm her as soon as they spot her. They are ravishing and refreshingly dressed in traditional settu-mundu. We furiously click away not wanting to miss the joyous vibes surrounding this circle of thick friends.

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Minutes later, Jo arrives accompanied by his family. He is dressed in a tawny kurta and is all smiles.

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When the rituals get underway, we focus on capturing its sanctity without intruding on the ceremony. The room erupts in a flurry of clicks when Jo ties the ‘minnu’.

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Irene’s mom is visibly overcome by emotion; to varying degrees, everyone close to the couple is. Smiles break out when the newly weds turn around to greet the guests.

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Jo and Irene’s journey as a couple begins here.

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It is 7 p.m., and the wedding reception is in full swing at the Girideepam Convention Centre.

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The stage is aglow from backlights. Tiny lamps add to the luminescence. A delicate two-tier cake sits to the right side of the stage.

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Irene and Jo make a grand entrance under a swaying canopy of lotus buds borne by the pretty bridesmaids.

The couple, dressed in wedding formals, look blissfully happy. She in radiant pink and he in a dark suit.

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The reception hall is packed to the rafters. Many of the guests are from the Malayalam movie industry. We go into a frenzy clicking group pictures as they stream onto the stage to congratulate the couple.

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The party winds down around 10 pm.

It is time for Irene to ride away to Jo’s house). It’s time for adieu.

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The thought of moving out of her family, out of the cocoon of love that has always shielded her shakes her so much that she breaks into tears. Her adieu breaks their hearts too…

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But they know just how much Jo means to her and how much she means to him and that this is the fairytale ending to their beautiful love story.

VikhyathMedia happily presents the wedding highlights of Jo Mathew (Son of Mathew Joshua and Sherin Mathew) and Irene Lal (Daughter of Lal Jose and Leena Lal)

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