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An Iyengar wedding Tale – Krishna- Raghuram

A Tamil Brahmin wedding is a completely different experience from the more Hindu Nair weddings that happen in Trivandrum, as you can imagine, everything from the rituals, the music to the settings are all entertaining and colourful. If you have attended a Tamil Brahmin wedding before, you should know how […]

Traditional Brahmin wedding

Nithin – Aswathy, a simple wedding that was elegant

On a fine morning, when we were rushing to office, we got a call from USA. Nithin, as he explained, said he knows nothing about wedding photography and its rates and would like to know what all should be needed for his wedding that was to happen on May 1, […]

Candid Wedding Photgraphy

Gopika Dilip – Naveen Prasad Engagement

Dilip Nair, whom we call Dilip uncle with love is one of our early clients and a dear well wisher. Meeting him at a friend’s daughter’s birthday was just a coincidence. But, what followed really changed the fortune of VikhyathMedia. It was the time when VikhyathMedia, so to speak, got […]

Sowmya – Rajesh Wedding Story

We meet individuals, but make relationship with families. The marriages of Vinita and Sowmya are one big example of that fact. Hari Mahesh has been a long time friend of ours and some 7 years back we covered his wedding with Suvitha in Trivandrum. After years, when it was time […]

Amith and Anita

On a very regular day, Amith called us with a reference of his friend. He was in a hurry to meet us and we met him in a restaurant that evening. One thing specific about Amith was that he was very clear about what he wanted and how he wanted. […]

Brahmin weddings are fun!

Brahmin weddings are fun!  They embody colours, music, dance, rituals happiness and what not. We have known the Easwar family for long and a marriage in that family was a time of joy for us too. Ganesh and Sowmya are siblings and their marriages were held within a gap of […]

Wedding at Guruvayoor

As a kid, I spent a lot of time traveling alone on airplanes. Two weeks here, two months there, and then back again.