Gopika Dilip – Naveen Prasad Engagement

Dilip Nair, whom we call Dilip uncle with love is one of our early clients and a dear well wisher. Meeting him at a friend’s daughter’s birthday was just a coincidence. But, what followed really changed the fortune of VikhyathMedia.

It was the time when VikhyathMedia, so to speak, got officially named and established. Dilip uncle wanted to take some pictures of her elder daughter Anjana to post in matrimony sites, as they were looking for a suitable alliance for her. We still do not know why he contacted us for the photoshoot and wanted none other than us to take the pictures. Fortunately, the images were a success and a handsome hunk, Mithun Nair became anjana’s lifetime hero.

As we shot the engagement and wedding of Anjana, we built a strong relationship with not only just Dilip uncle, but his wife Sreedevi auntie and their younger daughter Gopika. In the course of time Gopika became the model for our friend’s boutique, Alika.

Dilip uncle has always been very encouraging and motivating. He stood by us in the years that followed. We covered his niece’s wedding as well. He introduced us to more clients and referred us to many of his friends.

After almost four years of friendship, the time came for Gopika to get married. History repeats and we took her portraits too. Her engagement with Naveen Prasad was more of a family event than a client’s assignment. Energetic Gopika and handsome Naveen had a great time during their engagement on 27th Nov, 2015 at S P Grand Days Hotel, Trivandrum.

We look forward to have an amazing time covering this wonderful family on her wedding in July, 2016.