An Iyengar wedding Tale – Krishna- Raghuram

A Tamil Brahmin wedding is a completely different experience from the more Hindu Nair weddings that happen in Trivandrum, as you can imagine, everything from the rituals, the music to the settings are all entertaining and colourful. If you have attended a Tamil Brahmin wedding before, you should know how much fun they are. From the maapilai azhaippu, the exchanging the garlands, the kasi yatra and the oonjal, etc. There is so much to delight on in a Brahmin wedding. Adding to this was the combination of a vibrant bride and a handsome groom. To us all this meant one thing – more exciting moments to cover and take pictures of.

The most important factor from the perspective of a photographer/videographer is the chemistry between the couple. Almost always, we make sure the couple are happy and not nervous while shooting some pre-directed shots to add fun to the wedding album. The couple would already be overwhelmed with so many things happening around them on the wedding day and we want to be the last of their concerns. But for Krishna and Raghuram, we could sense the wonderful chemistry between them and we were all excited to shoot their wedding. Their familiarity with each other showed in the final output. They had so much fun during the rituals and the photoshoot that followed, that it was just a tireless job following them to get some amazing frames and finest moments.Their friends and family were very cooperative as well, which made our job so much more easy.

This is one of the weddings where we just could not narrow down to 10-20 best shots and upload it here. There are just hundreds. The wedding video and the photo album are flowing with those wonderful instances, that the couple will have a multitude of reasons to go back and relive the day again and again.