Nithin – Aswathy, a simple wedding that was elegant

On a fine morning, when we were rushing to office, we got a call from USA. Nithin, as he explained, said he knows nothing about wedding photography and its rates and would like to know what all should be needed for his wedding that was to happen on May 1, 2015. We explained him the trends and inquired about his requirements. He seemed impressed with us and gave us the deal. he was the first client who signed us up without personally meeting us. That was the trust he had on us. Though many such assignments followed, Nithin remains that special person who believed us wholeheartedly.


On the day of the wedding, our team met him, his father Capt. Unnikrishnan and his sister Neethu at their residence at Pandalam. The crew moved with the Bridegroom to Punalur, where the wedding was to happen. There awaited a beautiful and charming bride Aswathy smiled so much from her heart that it radiates to every other person who meets her.

A simple and elegant kerala hindu wedding followed and we could get some beautiful frames of the couple. As we came back to Pandalam, Nithin wanted us to take their couple images at the field nearby. He wanted the greenery and beauty of Kerala to be part of his D day. The photo session that followed gave us some amazing shots of the duo and they are one of our featured weddings.

Nithin remains one of our preferred clients for his gentle and well mannered demeanor. Aswathy’s smile is captured in our memories forever. Capt. Unnikrishnan and family took care of us in every possible way, that we felt honoured and humbled. We wish them to keep their smilies intact in the years to come and have a wonderful life ahead.